Guest Post: North of the Border

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Hello everyone! This is Emily from Ruby Slipper Journeys, thrilled to be filling in for Annalise on this special occasion. In honour of Annalise getting married I thought I'd wear what I call "my mom's wedding dress." Well, half of it. My mom actually got married in a custom-made tweed skirt suit, and I took over the jacket some years ago as my semi-casual fall jacket. It adds a certain spice to going about daily life, knowing that you're wearing a garment that represents the official union of your parents, and their subsequent decision to have you. If I ever get married myself, I expect I'll wear some sort of dress, but my family has a bit of a history of suited weddings (I'm still heartbroken that my grandmother's claret velvet wedding suit was lost in a laundromat fire). And in the case of this jacket, it certainly makes for a conversation piece. Since the Hummingbird girls are equally about presenting a sense of place as they are about fashion, I thought I'd include a few shots of my hometown, Vancouver, Canada, on the day I wore this. I just spent a month in Vancouver after being away for almost three years, and it was a whirl of good weather, panoramic views, film festival screenings, and of course, overeating.

Congratulations Annalise! Wishing you and your husband all the best from north of the border!


Little Scribbler: sh*t I wear, think, eat, drink :

Aw, that's a dead nice story. And on a completely superficial note, I love those sunglasses!

Rebecca :

Cat's eye glasses really suit you! Also that's a great story, I agree it adds a little something wearing a piece of family history in your day to day life. When I read the first part of your post I thought you were talking about the dress, a suit is a very chic choice.

Em :

Cute outfit and I love the story behind the jacket. Love Vancouver! Was there for work recently.

Milla :

Cute! My grandma also got married in a suit and always remembered how she "was so nervous, she forgot to take her galoshes off" ;)

Hip HIp Hurrah for Annalise!