Love in Tilden

wedding bridesmaidsLove in Tilden Love in TildenBrazil Room, Tilden ParkLove in Tilden Matthew and I were married on July 23, 2015 at the Brazil Room in Tilden Park. Here are a few snapshots from the day (photograph #4 really shows how happy I was with my crazy smile/laugh). Thank you to Angela DeCenzo for taking such beautiful photographs!

Summer of Love Vintage Sale

boho black lace dress 4
leo tank and red dress
90s jacket 2
express skirt 1 blog
denim flats 1
I'm heading back to San Francisco today for Jen's wedding! I can't wait to be reunited with her and Matt and bask in the glow of their awesome love (you know it's going to be an epic wedding). In celebration of their marriage I am having a flash sale on etsy. Just enter LOVEx2 at checkout to receive 15% off of your order.  Everything pictured above can be found here: Mom and Pop Shoppe  I will ship out orders when I get back to Portland on July 25th, which will be the last day to use this code. If you've fallen in love with something special, now is the time to make it yours forever. Enjoy!

Jamison Square

Leo with chips
Leo in water
water and hat collage
Leo close up
Hat-H&M :: Shirt-thrifted Frugi  :: Shorts-Carter's :: Sandals-Gift
The heat in Portland has been off the charts for the last few weeks! We cooled down with a trip to Jamison Square for some fun in the water fountains and a picnic in the grass. Leo was more interested in the snacks when we first arrived, but after watching the other kids for a while he decided to jump right in. He loved climbing the different platforms and watching the waterfalls turn on and off. If you're looking for a way to beat the heat this summer, be sure to check out this park in the Pearl District!

One Hot Summer

Tropical Getaway

Beach Glamour

Watercolor Iced Tea

Sun Burn
Coming from California to Oregon, I was expecting the colder weather and cloudy days. I was not expecting weeks of temperatures in the 80s and 90s. Luckily we have been able to get away on day trips to swimming holes and cool beaches. It sure doesn't stop me from dreaming about a more tropical location. Be it Miami, Hawaii or San Diego, I'm ready for summer vacation! 


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mama and leo Collage
wall Collage
Leo looking away
BBQ Collage
leo swim
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leo at the screen door
I hope everyone in the US had a great Fourth of July this year! Ours was laid back but still filled with fun. After an afternoon walk around the neighborhood, and snapping some picks in our patriotic get-ups to send to Grandma, we had a few friends over for a BBQ. Veggie skewers, burgers and beer of course! My sister brought over her kiddy pool and Leo spent a good few hours just splashing around while we all sat with our feet in, stuffing our faces and just trying not to over heat. When it got dark enough we watched the fireworks from our big living room windows, and played Cards Against Humanity late into the night. Happy Birthday 'Murica! 

Father's Day at Salmon River

leo and mama point
mama and leo river
leo nature Collage
leo with stump
campground fire
family collage
mossy moment
campground with leo
rough morning Collage
campground sleeping
family 1
leo into the woods
Yep, another camping post. Because Leo had such fun on his first camping trip, we went on another one for Father's Day. This time we camped at Salmon River with just my sister and her boyfriend. We found an ideal spot right next to the river and enjoyed chili and cornbread around a cozy campfire, swinging in the hammock, and of course exploring. The next morning we had oatmeal with fruit plus mimosas and coffee. Perfect! Oregon is such a special place, and we are so happy that we made the choice to live here. I hope your Father's Day was a good one too!  

Wyeth Camping

Leo with ball
Mama and Dada
Leo with berries
Grace and Jill
grace with her dada
Grace in a box

A couple weekends ago we took Leo on his first ever camping trip. We were a little worried about if he would sleep through the night in such a strange setting, but he did great! (Besides waking up at 5:15am with the sun.) We went with my sister and her boyfriend, our friends Tom and Ali, and their friends Jill and Ryan and their daughter Grace. It was a great group of people to spend the weekend with. We spent our days walking down to the river, eating around the campfire and watching the littles play together. I have so many wonderful memories of camping trips with my mom and dad. It's amazing to experience it from the other side and watch our son make all these fantastic discoveries for himself. Now we know that Leo can camp like a champ we are excited to plan our next trip.